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Types of Zinsco Panel and Circuit Breaker Failures:

-   Circuit breakers may fail to trip in response to an
over current condition. This is a fire and shock risk.

-   Circuit breakers may "blow out" the side casing
of the device in an electrical "arc explosion"
-   Circuit breakers may fail to drop power even
when they are switched off, that is, the breaker
may appear to be switched to the "off" position but
internally it may still be conducting power to the

Failure Mechanisms for Zinsco Electrical Panels and
Circuit Breakers:

-   Arcing and/or overheating, or a similar failure
process occurs at the connection of the circuit
breaker to the electrical panel bus damage the bus,
the breaker, and the connection, making the
electrical contact unreliable and leading to
equipment failure.

-   Circuit breakers become damaged by arcing or
overheating. Damaged circuit breakers are unlikely
to perform properly in response to an over current

-   Aluminum electrical panel components appear
to be an important factor in failures in this

-   Moisture exposure appears to be a factor in
failures in this equipment.
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