Unlike most electricians we are UPFRONT with all of our pricing-there are no hidden charges for you
in the end.
Why do you think they are willing to come out to your house for free?
Do you honestly believe that they can afford to pay their employee to go out to your home, spend gas
driving in a company vehicle to your house and back to their office with none of that cost being passed
onto you?
MSE Electric does not have any hidden pricing-we are honest and upfront with our dispatch fee
and are also honest and upfront about all of our pricing.  We will give you the actual total price to
complete the job before we begin any of the work, that way there are no hidden surprises for you at the
Most electricians will give you an estimate for the work to be done.  Why cant they give you the actual
price?  Do you really think they don't know what the job entails?  Are they charging you time and
material?  If they don't have the material they need on their van this means you are being charged for
them not being prepared!
MSE Electric's technicians are fully trained, licensed, professionals who drive vans fully
stocked with 1000s of parts to take care of your every need.  If for some reason we do not have the
part on our van you will not be penalized for that time it takes for us to go and get it because you had
already been given the total price to complete the job!

When you go to a doctor's office you pay a co-pay, do you not?  Would it seem strange to you if one
day you were to walk into your doctor's office and find that you did not need to pay that fee?  I am sure
you, like most of us, would be initially relived and happy that you did not pay that additional expense.  
Now how would you feel two weeks later when you received the bill for the doctor's visit and found it
to be higher than usual?  Would you feel mislead? Cheated?  Would you have preferred to have
known upfront what you were paying instead of having that additional fee added in to the bill at the
Electrical Service Inc.
Why the $59 Dispatch Fee?