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Electrical Violations:
Yes, the handyman has been busy with his toolbox full of code violations. Unfortunately, taking
a course doesn't mean you know how to work SAFELY with electricity.

Check them out.  
Bad Stove Plug:

This box was not anchored to the wall or floor in any fashion. It was
found 'floating' under the stove while someone was mopping!!! At the
top of the box no wire connector was installed. This left the wire (which
can carry in excess of 40 amps) exposed and stressed to the point of
breaking. Notice the little red wire outside the box ! That's the ground!!
No, no, no!! It's a wonder no one was killed or injured.
Breaker Panel Breakdown:

This is an example of the handyman's version of a breaker panel. If
there's no more room in the panel, just fuse everything in the house at
60 amps! Geesh! It's a fire waiting to happen.
Fuse Box Fire:

An example of an electrical fire in a fuse box. You can see why
insurance companies don't want to insure homes with these older
systems. Another reason why you want us to update your system
using arc fault breakers.
Poorly Maintained Lights:

These lights are in a warehouse.
The owner almost had a tragic
accident with a fork lift due in part
to the insufficient lighting caused by
these run down and neglected
Moceri & Sons Electric Inc.